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My name is Luja Manandhar, and this is my blog. I am a Software Professional from Kathmandu, Nepal having around 5 years of experience in desktop as well as web technologies. I am a tech geek who loves to review all the trendy news about the latest technological advancement and innovations. I currently work as a senior software developer for Soft Age Nepal.

I designed this website thinking of having my own personal website on web to facilitate a communication with my friends over the world. Later I thought of adding features like tutorials, tips and tricks which facilitates the up-coming developers to learn the right way of exploring the concepts of web technologies.

  • UI design

    creating a program of beauty

    It's not necessary that each program be a visual work of art. But it's important that it should not be ugly. Interface is that element in a software application which makes users mind work visually.

    I design UI depending on the knowledge of the users who would be using it.

  • about me

    programming is my passion

    Programming is not only my hobby, its my passion. I develop applications for Windows based personal computers and also few small apps for Android based smart phones and tablets. Frankly speaking, I am still learning on the process for developing applications for Android based smart phones and tablets. When I'm not programming, I'm usually playing games on my new iPad.

  • technical skills

    few languages i work on

    VB6, Flash, ASP, HTML C#, Java, ASP.NET SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access XML, VB Script, Java Script, Action Script

latest tech news

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